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PVC Granule

Polyvinyl Chloride is a synthetic resin that has been prepared using the process of polymerization. These granules are rated second among the plastics to be used for a wide range of applications like shower curtains, indoor plumbing, shower curtains and window frames. Depending upon the type of application, our offered PVC Granule can be prepared in its purest and rigid form, flexible plasticized form or in lightweight form. The mentioned granules possess high hardness and mechanical characteristics that is directly proportional to the molecular weight but indirectly to the temperature. It means in order to enhance the mechanical properties of these PVC granules, its molecular weight should be increased and temperature should be reduced. This makes it an excellent material with higher rigidity.

  • Fittings used in sewage water treatment plant
  • Technical profiles for indoor and outdoors
  • Musical Instruments
  • Protective pipes
  • Blown Products
  • Cable insulation
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Packaging
Product Image (PVC 01)

Black PVC Granule

Price: 6.5 USD ($)

Engineered with high quality Polyvinyl Chloride, our offered Black PVC Granules possess exceptional features such as high tensile strength, hardness and many more. Due to these features, the mentioned product is highly demanded in the market for finding usage in the plastic and construction industry for guttering, flooring, sewage pipes, cable conduits and many more.

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Recycled Color Granules

Price: 420.00 - 580.00 USD ($)

In order to obtain Recycled Color Granules, flexible plastic products are highly avoided while carrying out the process of recycling. In this process, the products are broken down into smaller pieces or their chemical molecules to form new PVC products such traffic cones, decking and fencing, pipes and many more. 

Product Image (PVC - 08)

PVC Recycled Granule

Price: 575 USD ($)

PVC Recycled Granules are obtained using recycling methods like feedstock and mechanical method for obtaining high quality granules. The usage of method is totally dependent upon the type of requirement, as both the methods are different from each other in the way the bond of the waste material is broken down.